Offers & Promotions

It's tempting ............

With thoughts turning to warmer weather and getting out and about in our wonderful area, we thought it would be great to offer our guests an option for supper with us. Choose from 3 different sharing platters which will all have homemade focaccia, olives, dressed rocket and tomato. Add this to........

Meat lovers - chorizo, parma ham, prawns

Vegetarian - feta cheese, hard boiled free-range egg, roasted peppers, artichoke

Vegan - humous, homemade mushroom pate, artichoke and bean salad

These platters are for two to share and are £10 a head.

We hope it will offer you supper if you've been travelling and can't face going out somewhere for food, or just a lighter supper option if you've already eaten out during the day.

Order when you book, or give us a call and we can sort it out for you.